Our gear is ever expanding, but recent inventory includes:
Recording Hardware: UA Apollo16MKII, Apollo Twin, Otari MTR10 1/4" 1/2 track reel to reel, Dangerous 2-BUSlt, Tascam MS16 1" 16 track reel to reel, Allen&Heath GL2400 24 channel console
Monitoring: Adam A7X, KRK ST6, KEF C25, KRK Rokit10 sub, Presonus Central Station, Beyerdynamic DT770, Sennheiser HD280, Furman HDS6 headphone system
Rack Gear: ISA428MKII with digital card, Trident S20 (4ch), UA LA610, Focusrite Voicemaster, Focusrite October, API500 rack, Chandler TG2-500, Lexicon MX400, DBX160A (2ch), Warm Audio WA76, DBX166, FMR RNC
Software: Protools, Wavelab, UA plug-ins, Waves plug-ins



Condenser Mics: Mojave MA300(2), Neumann TLM170R, TLM102, KM184, AKG C414TLII, CAD M37 (2), Rode NT5 w/cardiod & omni capsules (2), Shure SM81 (2), Audix micro shotgun
Ribbon & Dynamic Mics: RCA77D, Cascade Fathead Lundhal (2), Beyerdynamic M500, Nady RSM5 (modified), EV RE20, Sennheiser MD421, E609S, Shure SM57 (many), Beta 58, Audix I5, EV 635A, AT AE2500, RCA MI-12022
Guitars: 2 custom North Acoustics, Gibson Les Paul Standard (1998), Fender American Strat, custom Telecaster, Danelectro double neck 6/12, Epiphone Lennon Casino, Harmony 1960s lap steel, Gretsch New Yorker mandolin, Deering Goodtime Banjo
Amps: Vox AC15HWII, Marshall DSL100 1/2 stack, Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, Custom 5E3 clone, Fender Bassman 50, GK 800MB with 2x15” neo cabinets
Basses: 1973 Rickenbacker 4001, Fender Precision and Jazz, 1963 Kay hollowbody, Englehardt upright
Keyboards: 1950s Franklin/Cable baby grand piano, 1940s Hammond CV with tone cab and Leslie, Wurlitzer 200A, Korg X5, toy piano, glockenspiel
Drums: 1964 Rogers Holiday with 20" and 22" bass drum, 1930s Slingerland 26" bass drum, Ludwig Acrolite, 5.5x14" Pioneer, 6.5x14" Pioneer, Pork Pie BOB 6.5x14", Rogers 1964 5x14" Powertone, 1920s Wilson Bros 5x14" NOB tubelug snare, assorted hand percussion